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Cell phone reception is sporadic in this part of the country. Email is the better way to reach us. We'll get back to you promptly. Thank you.



Nature-Lovers, welcome to the Maasai Country!

A once-in-a-lifetime Safari adventure await beyond the tourist tracks.

Escape the crowds and experience nature in its purest form on an unforgettable Maasai lead Safari adventure. As with many tribal people the Maasai world is at the crossroads, so come see it while you still can! In addition to spending time with the Maasai go on Safari to Amboseli National Park, a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its big herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos, several species of antelope, and over 500 species of birds – all gathering in and around lush green swamps at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This is one of the most remarkable—and unique—journeys you’ll ever take.

As with every journey, you begin with a single step. We’d love to help prepare you for your life-changing experience. Your travel with us will be the most rewarding cultural and safari experience of any holiday in East Africa.

Maasai Simba Camp is in a private ranch on the outskirts of Amboseli National Park at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, about 2.5 hours away from Nairobi.

Experience breathtaking views of the Maasai country that will make you take a step back because there is no other place like it.Adventure with the Maasai is the kind of experience where you can put your feet up at the end of the day, have a cup of tea, and say yes, this is Africa.

Relaxing Getaway

Package includes:

  • A stay at Maasai Simba Camp
  • A full day Safari excursion to Amboseli National Park
  • A visit to a Maasai tribal village and spend quality time with the locals
  • A bush-walking safari guided by the Maasai warriors
  • A visit to a local school and village health center
  • Beadmaking lessons with Maasai Women Cooperative
  • A visit with Maasai village elders and a herbalist

By sunrise you’ll be awakened by hundreds of birds each competing for the loudest call. Walking with the Maasai warriors, you see the lion’s footprints and fresh zebra droppings near the watering hole. You stop to see a group of giraffes standing graciously in the midst of tall acacia trees along the Kiboko River. The giraffes gaze at you and wonder who are the light-colored clothed foreigners with the Maasai warriors. As you walk pass them they regroup and run across the savannah. On your way back to the camp you stop at a Maasai village and sip a traditional Maasai chai with your guides. Your day ends with spectacular sunset as it slips away from the wide African landscape. A perfect moment poised in time. This is an experience that will stay with you forever.


Nearly all our private tours are made up of either individual families or a group of colleagues who share a common interest. You do not have to be in a scheduled group itinerary to stay at Maasai Simba Camp. We can arrange your stay with us depending on your own schedule.

Words from our guests

“Not your typical 5-Star Lodging but a 10-Star Experience!! Patsy, Wisconsin USA, 2015.

“Wow what a day, we loved it. Camping in Chyulu hills was amazing and all activities were so fun and educational. I’ll definitely come back.” Adam, April 2014

"The Merrueshi village we stayed in was still in its original, pure form, as were the people. I guess I would say that I feel I've taken a journey into timelessness, to the way things have been for thousands of years. “I am forever touched by the apparent purity, hopefulness, discipline, and pride of the Maasai people we shared this time with. At this point, I find myself wanting to preserve the experience such that it is not reduced to a few sound bites and a bag of trinkets. This was the real deal. I hope it stays that way for a long time to come.” Lynn Brinkerhoff, Global Development Partnerships, U.S.A

Riders, you can leave your bike at the camp and we can take you on a full day Safari excursion to Amboseli National Park.


Maasai Simba Camp is for people who would rather combine authentic Cultural and Safari experience with the Maasai in Amboseli ecosystem.

Visit our Facebook page below and see dialy posting by our guide on Safari.

Email us to inquire availability:

Whether you are a jogger, cyclists, mountaineer or camper, we have a variety of accommodations, fun activities, and experiences for you.

We open up our camp for small groups of 1-10 guests at a time.
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Whether you would like to visit Amboseli National Park, sleeping in a Hemingway Safari tent, Camping in Chyulu hills under the stars, going off the beaten path and walk with giraffes; whatever your dream holiday is we will give you an unforgettable private experience in unspoiled wilderness.



We offer pocket-friendly and meaningful trips across Kenya and Tanzania. We can pick you up from buzzling city of Nairobi to the snowy peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro into endless plains of the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti. We know our way around, and we would be delighted to share our world with you. Following are some of our special itineraries. Feel free to email or call us to receive your handcrafted vacation itinerary and quote. We’ll refine until you’re 100% happy to book.

2-day Safari to Amboseli National Park


Are you in Kenya for a short trip? No worries because we have iteneraries ideal for your schedule. Visit Amboseli National Park at ease with Madarak Express, the newly unveiled Standard Gauge railway. This is a budget trip and easy for your body. Click to learn more about this trip.

3-day Safari to Amboseli National Park


The following 3- day itinerary will give you the best of Amboseli. You can enjoy various activities that includes a full day Safari excursion to Amboseli National Park, views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, walking safari lead by Maasai warriors, and cultural experience with Maasai village elders. Click to learn more...

3-day Safari to Tsavo West & Amboseli National Park

By popular demand we are now offering a 3-day safari itinerary to Amboseli and Tsavo West National Park. Click to learn more...

Great Escape! Maasai epic camping in Chyulu hills


Are you looking for privacy alone or with your partner in the Africa wilderness? If the answer is yes, then we have a dream Safari for you. Click to learn more...

10-day Safari to Maasai Mara- Experience the Wildebeest migration and lions

Book a Safari with us and witness the wildebeest migration returning to the Maasai Mara. We offer pocket friendly rates without compromising the experience and quality of accommodations. Click to learn more about this journey…

Kenya & Tanzania Unique Safari and Cultural Expedition

Join us on an amazing road trip from Nairobi Kenya to the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. See East Africa the Maasai way. Click to learn more about this journey.

Family Package


There's nothing like a family vacation with the Maasai in Africa. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of travel to Kenya and spend some time with the Maasai. Get close to Africa's wildlife with the natives We offer family-friendly programs feature engaging activities for all ages. Click to learn more.

Maasai Warrior Training Experience

Are you up for a challenge and warrior initiation? Click to learn more about how to become a full Maasai warrior.

Extend your Safari to the coast

extend trip to the coast

We offer extension to the coast, a wonderful compliment to your safari and bush experience with the Maasai. Activities on the coast of Mombasa include sun-bathing in beautiful white sand beaches, swimming, diving, and snorkeling in spectacular marine waters of the Indian Ocean. Click to learn more about extension to the pristine Diani beach.

Bike across Kenya for fun and raise funds for your favorite charity.


Email us for details: