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Tsavo West National Park

Masai Mara |Amboseli | Lake Nakuru | Samburu| Tsavo West |

Tsavo West Game Reserve is famous for lions, hippos, dramatic landscapes and Shetani Lava Flow. Man Eaters of Tsavo was based in Tsavo.

Tsavo West Game Reserve is where the motion picture "The Ghost and the Darkness" directed by Michael Douglas was filmed. The park contains a diversity of habitat and wildlife, including red elephants, lions, hyenas, buffalos, and illusive leopard among many other animals. Mzima Springs & Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary are based in Tsavo West Game Reserve. Maasai Simba Camp can take you to Tsavo West Game Reserve.











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"The Ghost and the Darkness" directed by Michael Douglas was based in Tsavo.

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