MAASAI'S PREMIER WILDERNESS CAMP Exclusive Cultural & Safari Experience with the Maasai

Comfortable and Friendly!

Maasai Simba Camp is a great place for couples, friends, and family with children.

Maasai Simba Camp is in the heart of the Maasai country. The camp is 100% owned and managed by the Maasai tribe. Nestled under a canopy of indigenous acacia trees on the banks of a seasonal Kiboko river in the Amboseli ecosystem. The camp was built by hand with a rustic charm. The camp is ideal for local safaris to Amboseli National Park and hike to Chyulu Hills. If you dreamed of walking with giraffes and zebras this is the place to see your dream become a reality. It’s a perfect spot for people who love the outdoors. Activities include daily walking safari lead by the Maasai warriors, excursion to Amboseli National Park, meeting with Maasai village elders, and beading with a local Maasai women cooperative. Bookings are inclusive of full board (3 meals a day), walking safari in a pristine landscape and exclusive cultural experience with the Maasai. The camp has a 4x4 Safari vehicle with pop-up roof for easy wildlife viewing and photography. Airport pick up and drop off is available upon request.

Camp Background

The camp is a historical site formerly used by legendary Maasai warriors for training. For generations Maasai warriors came to simba camp to gain a wide range of skills and knowledge for animal husbandry, hunting, wildlife tracking, and how to bond with peers. The camp has been restored and made exclussive for a few lucky adventure travelers seeking to have authentic cultural and Safari experience with the Maasai. We don’t have hundreds of tourist mini buses streaming in daily.

At Maasai Simba Camp, we believe in providing our guests with the most authentic Safari and Cultural experience in Kenya. This is the place where families are always at home and where guests become village friends.

If you are looking for a place to leave a positive mark while on Safari in Africa, Maasai Simba Camp is the place to do it.

Camp Commitment

Maasai Simba Camp is commited to empower the Maasai community. A portion of your safari expense will support the local Maasai school, Merrueshi Village Health Center, Maasai Women Cooperative, wildlife and habitat conservation projects.

Employment - our hardworking team of staff is made of locals only. At the end of the day, Maasai men and women employed by the camp will walk back home with a hot meal on hand for their family.

Six reasons that make us unique

  1. We specialize on warrior guided walking safari where you can see and experience the African savanna through the eyes of the Maasai
  2. Unbeatable safari experience in Amboseli National Park
  3. We provide comfortable accommodations to our clients
  4. Strong commitment to community economic development
  5. Strong commitment to wildlife and habitat conservation
  6. Authentic exposure to local traditions, culture, and daily life.

Your stay with us will be the most rewarding experince of any holiday in Kenya.

Habitat and Wildlife Conservation

"The survival of our wildlife is a matter of grave concern to all of us in Africa. These wild creatures amid the wild places they inhabit are not only important as a source of wonder and inspiration, but are an integral part of our natural resources and our future livelihood and well being. In accepting the trusteeship of our wildlife we solemnly declare that we will do everything in our power to make sure that our children's grand-children will be able to enjoy this rich and precious inheritance." -Dr. Julius Kambarage Nyerere

Building from Nyerere's words of wisdom and inspiration, Maasai Simba Camp is dedicated to wildlife and habitat conservation in Amboseli ecosystem. We are working in partnership with Maasai ranchers to insure that local wildlife is protected. Maasai Simba Camp is involved in human-wildlife conflict and insures that the land owners are compensated fairly for cows and goats lost to lions. We also work in partnership with other conservation groups such as the Big Life Foundation with a Game Scout Unit to patrol, monitor, and protect wildlife in the area. Our work has been a significant compliment to habitat and wildlife conservation in the Amboseli ecosystem.

Meeting with partners, Merrueshi Ranchers Association and Community Game Scout Unit.

There is intricate relationship between the Maasai and Africa’s wildlife. The Maasai have coexisted with lions and elephants since time immemorial. Maasai Simba Camp inspires the local Maasai landowners to care and protect their land and wildlife for generations to come.