MAASAI'S PREMIER WILDERNESS CAMP Exclusive Cultural & Safari Experience with the Maasai

4-day Private Safari

Are you looking for a private Safari with your partner in the wilderness? At Maasai Simba Camp we have a perfect private sanctuary for you. Make magical memories during a 4-day long trip into the Maasai world. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes. Walk with giraffes. Feel the red soil, smell wild rosemary, and sip a cup of tea with your Maasai guides. Come out and spend time with us in the Maasai country. Your life will be enriched forever after.

Following is a 4-day itinerary that will make your dream become reality.

Day 1 – Driver will pick you up from Nairobi and drive to Maasai Simba Camp. You should arrive in time for lunch. Settled into your tent and unwind at a cozy Oloip house before the evening walking safari. The afternoon safari walk starts at 4:30 pm when the savanna has cooled off. The bush walking safari lasts for about two hours covering 4 kilometers. This evening walk will allow you to get a taste of the bush while meeting local wildlife on foot. Return to camp before dusk in time for a private dinner.

Day 2 – Leave camp after coffee or tea for a longer walking safari leading to your mobile camp in the base of Chyulu hills. Arrive to your camping site by 10:00am in time for scrumptious breakfast. Take a much-needed rest after breakfast and enjoy breath-taking views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the endless plains leading to sprawling Chyulu mountain range. A moment poised in the African wilderness.

There will be an evening hike across the grassy plains starting at 4:00pm. Return to camp before dusk in time for a bushman’s dinner. Wine and or tusker beer will be served during your dinner next to a big bonfire. Hit the sack and listen to the sounds of the African savanna. Roaring lions and hyena calls will fill your night under the bright stars. Safety is our number one priority. You’ll have Maasai warriors to keep you safe.

Day 3 – After coffee or tea leave your camp site for an extended hike into Oldonyio sambu pick. Spend an hour on top of the world before descending down back to your camp for a much needed breakfast. Your cook will be ready for you with a cold glass of pressed organic orange juice. Enjoy your breakfast. Leave camp shortly after breakfast for your trip back to Maasai Simba Camp. Arrive shortly before lunch. Take a much-needed shower before strolling into Oloip house where you can sit back and relax under the canopy of indigenouse acacia trees. After lunch meet village elders and learn about the Maasai world. Also there will be an opportunity to visit a local tribal village and learn about the Maasai way of life. A visit to a local tribal village gives you the opportunity to participate in village daily activities including, but not limited to, goat milking activity. And, of course, milking of goats is optional. If milking of goats is not your thing just poised yourself and enjoy the sounds of a village life.

Day 4 – Leave camp by 7:00am for a full day safari excursion to Amboseli National Park. You will have your own Safari vehicle and a guide. We’ll send you with pack lunch served at observation hill where you can see hippos and elephants grazing below. Resume game drive after lunch and return to Maasai Simba Camp before dusk.

Day 5 – Leave camp by 9:00am for your trip to Nairobi

Your tent will be pitched in a beautiful ground with panoramic views of the African Savanna with Kilimanjaro in the south and Chyulu mountain range in the East.